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Published on monday, november 14, 2016

Pancakes restaurant

Pancakes restaurant

What could be better than a cold day to warm your heart and soul with a good crepe in a rustic atmosphere? Come and have a look at the Crêperie des Vergers and observe the first snow covering the Mont-Saint-Hilaire! There is no doubt that you will be charmed by the natural panorama offered by the Vergers Petit et Fils. Whether for brunch or a little afternoon snack, the creperie offers a warm welcome, in a rustic decor where the woodwork is in the spotlight. With friends, one-on-one or with the family (a children's menu is also available), enjoy the weekend to taste one of our delicious dishes!

A custom menu!

Whether you're a "savory" or a "sweet" type, everyone will find something to eat by ordering a crepe-meal or a personalized crepe-dessert. At the creperie, you realize the combination of your choice! First, choose the type of dough: nature, buckwheat or cider. Then try one of our toppings and there's something for everyone, it's promised! A wide selection of fresh fruits, cooked meats or sweet treats are offered as a topping. Examples of combinations? Scrambled eggs, asparagus and aged cheddar; Ham with cider and caramelized apples or fresh pears and custard cream. Finally, a slightly less difficult choice: maple syrup coulis or apple syrup from orchards?

You will certainly be satisfied, since each plate includes two pancakes. If you are rather undecided about your choice of pancakes, we have the solution for you! The pancake duo offers you the best of both worlds: a salty crepe and a sweet crepe, to choose from. For classic or large carnivores, a traditional breakfast is also on the menu. Several plates, where the proteins are in the honor, will surely satisfy the voracious appetites! Our artisan sausages of pork, apple and cider are worth seeing. If pancakes do not appeal to you, order our delicious French toast covered with an avalanche of hot and sweet apples!

In addition...

To accompany your plate, you will have the choice among a wide variety of beverages, alcoholic or not. Since cider is the specialty of the Vergers Petit et Fils, there is no lacking of choice : classic, light, rosé, sparkling, ice or fire. Which one will you try? Have you ever had the opportunity to taste all the ciders on sale at the shop? Let us make you discover them, by asking for a tasting of our ciders, all entirely manufactured in a traditional way. Several types of coffees and hot drinks are also offered at the restaurant, without forgetting our inevitable apple juice!

Admit that these descriptions opens the appetite! To consult the complete menu of the Creperie des Vergers and to reserve an online table, follow this link: https://www.auxvergerspetit.com/creperie. The crêperie is open on Saturdays and Sundays, from 9 am to 3 pm. Enjoy your meal !


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