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Published on wednesday, december 14, 2016

Cider, a family story

Cider, a family story

The holiday season is the perfect time to come together as a family. The reunion often takes place with a drink in hand. This is a good opportunity to integrate St-Hil into your family events this winter! It it is now easy to get the St-Hil, now available in all Metro and IGA Quebec.

Cider in Quebec

Traditionally, cider was produced in small quantities, as it was reserved exclusively for family consumption. In 1921, the Commission des liqueurs (the ancestor of the Société des alcools du Québec) did not include cider in the sale of its products. As this company was (and still is) a pillar in the sale of alcoholic products in Quebec, cider has been somewhat forgotten for several years. It is true that he has not always had a good reputation among Quebec consumers ...

The 1980s were then a real springboard for artisanal cider producers. The adoption of legislation made it possible to regulate the production of cider. Since cider gained popularity in the 1970s, many producers seized the opportunity to increase their profits. Cider mills began to produce their alcohol massively. The quality of the product, derived from artisanal know-how, was abandoned in favor of industrial methods making it possible to produce a large quantity of cider quickly.

It is especially in the 2000s that cider has regained all its nobility among the Quebecois. A unique innovation, inspired by the northern climate of our winters, led to the creation of ice ciders. This fortified cider is therefore very appreciated in the field of gastronomy in Quebec. It was also in 2000 that Petit Frisson, the ice cider of the Vergers Petit et Fils, was revealed to the public. Our cider has received many awards and honors in Quebec, but also elsewhere in the world. It was only 14 years later that the protected name "Ice Cider" appeared on the bottles of ice cider. Very few orchards have this name and we are happy to be among the pioneers. Our Ice Cider is definitely a great purchase that you will not regret!

A family tradition

It is not from yesterday that the Petit family produces cider. For four generations, the family has been striving to develop a variety of products, including the latest: St-Hil! It is thanks to Jean-Noël Petit that the family cider was first marketed in the 70's. Nearly 100,000 still and effervescent ciders are then sold annually on its estate. His craftsmanship had been handed down from father to son, from the previous two generations.

It is still since 1994 that his son, Stéphane Petit, allows us to taste his fine products from the apple. It is from the family recipes that he concocted the ciders produced at the Vergers Petit et Fils. His artisanal methods have enabled him to make a wide range of ciders: from still to sparkling, to rosé, not to mention ciders of ice and fire. The last one, the St-Hil, comes in three flavors: apple, pear and raspberry. If not already done, the St-Hil is certainly a cider to discover! In addition to being sold at the appendix to the crêperie and orchards, where apple picking is possible, our ciders have now invaded the grocery and SAQ shelves!

In March 2007, Stéphane Petit headed the Association of Quebec Cider Producers. As president, he wanted to complete the formal recognition process for ice cider. Its involvement, within the association, allowed the labeling of the appellation IGP "Cider ice". Its investment in cider has contributed to the quality control of the products put on the market. Since then, it can be said that the image of cider, made in a traditional way, has been improved. Quebec cider has now become a quality gastronomic product, which any host would serve at its table without any embarrassment! Today father of two children, Stéphane Petit has taken over the family business to take him further and his involvement in the world of cider will not stop here!

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