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Published on thursday, august 02, 2018

Apple picking season has started !

Apple picking season has started !

Early varieties

The apple season is on our doorstep! Indeed, several early varieties are ripe as early as August. Why wait until autumn before enjoying Québec's apples? The apple orchard of the Vergers Petit et Fils offers a variety of apples to taste from August 18th! Of the 50,000 apple trees on the estate, three varieties of early apples are grown in orchards.

The Melba has a semi-sweet flavor with a tender and juicy texture. Well known for its use in the manufacture of apple juice, it is particularly appreciated by consumers when it is cooked. As its pulpit easily disintegrates during cooking, it is especially used for making compote and jelly. At a temperature of 0 ° C, it can be stored for two weeks.

The Sunrise, on the other hand, is good to eat fresh! Its crunchy texture and sweet taste, with a touch of acidity, make this variety a fruit to be consumed raw. This exquisite apple is therefore perfect to be eaten directly picked from the tree! In addition, Sunrise can be stored in the refrigerator for a few weeks.

Finally, the Paulared is THE versatile apple of early varieties. As much appreciated for cooking as eaten as is, its crunchy texture with a semi-sweet taste and little acid, will seduce more than one! Especially since the Paulared is renowned for its prolonged preservation. Indeed, it keeps for two months in the cool, but it supports poorly freezing.

Picking and Activities

To the Vergers Petit et Fils, these three varieties are offered as pick-your-own as of August 18th. Pick-your-own saves you a great deal on the cost of buying, in addition to having a good time romantic or with the family! It should be noted that this is indeed an activity for ALL the family. 

In addition to the Pick-your-own, many activities are offered free to visitors. Yes, you read correctly! To the Orchards Petit and Fils, you only pay for apples! A giant labyrinth, a farmhouse, a treasure hunt, an amusement park and a tractor ride are certainly activities that will please little ones (and some big ones too!). For the adults, we have not forgotten you ... A detour to the shop, a tasting at the cider house or even buying a treat at the creperie, are just as attractive as a dwarf rabbit is for a child !

It is until November 7th that you will be able to benefit from the numerous activities and pick-your-own offered to the Vergers Petits et Fils. Since several late varieties are only ready to be picked at the end of autumn, it is a good opportunity to go back to the site to taste the other varieties. Named: Lobo, Honeycrisp, MacIntosh, Spartan, Cortland, Empire and Russet.

To each his package

From September 8 to October 16, two advantageous school packages are available for schools! The orchards offer fun activities on the theme of apple, which will satisfy young and not so young. These packages are offered Monday to Friday, from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm.

The Apple Walk Package includes an eight-pound pickup bag, free access to play areas and picnic areas, a tour of the farmhouse and the giant maze. This package is offered at a cost of $ 10.00 per person (students and accompanying persons). Please note that it is possible to access the same package, while obtaining an 18-pound bag for apple picking, at a cost of $ 15.00 per person.

The Enseveli sous les Pommes package includes a tractor ride and a snack (raw apple juice and apple biscuits), in addition to all the other activities included in the Appetizers Package. It is also possible to get an 18-pound bag for apple picking, if you choose this school option. It will cost you $ 18.00 instead of $ 12.00 per person (students and accompanying persons).

Finally, a final package is offered exclusively to corporate groups on weekends: Saturday and Sunday, from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. The Corporate Package is available from September 3rd to October 23rd. For its part, this package, at the price of 22.00 $ per person, offers you the total! Hot dog luxury (with a pork sausage and apples) and glass of cider are on the menu. The package also includes a 20-pound pick-your-own bag, in addition to access to all site activities. 

Register online to book one of these packages now: Packages

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