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Fresh apples at the shop : Spartan, Cortland, Empire, Mcintosh

Published on tuesday, september 15, 2020

Conservation of apple

Conservation of apple

There is still time to take advantage of the U-pick apples to Little Orchard and son. That is until November 7, you can pick your own fruits of your choice! Did you know that more late varieties are grown in the area? It is still time to make provisions for the popular Cortland (crisp apple with white flesh does not brown), delicious Empire (dark red to taste very sweet) or rustic Russet ( fruit with golden skin and yellow flesh).

But what to do with all those apples? The Thanksgiving is almost here, so why not make a farce with apples for cooking your turkey? Here are some other ideas to enjoy the good taste of our apples in the year, without having to cook everything in advance.

Hop in the fridge!

Did you know that the perfect preservation of the apple in the refrigerator is performed at a temperature of 6 ° C? This temperature preserves the firmness of freshly picked fruit! In terms of duration, it varies from weeks to months, depending on variety. Besides, late apples are the champions of conservation, since they maintain their taste for four months in the fridge! Please ask our staff about the shelf life of different varieties grown with us or visiting our online folder on the properties of our wide range of apples: http://www.auxvergerspetit.com/autocueillette.


Several other methods are also available to you to keep your apples longer. You can of course get your pots and cook your best compote recipes, pies and muffins. But the simplest way to keep your apples is probably freezing. To do this, simply cut your apples into rings after being peeled. If we want to avoid the apples oxidize and turn brown, it remains only brush with a hint of lemon juice, before placing them in a freezer bag. You only have to thaw the bag to enjoy the good sweet taste in your cooking, and at the year!

The caning

The caning of apples is also an interesting option for the future use of fruits in a recipe. Well known to our grandmothers, but this process requires more steps than just freezing. He must first cook the fruit, then arrange them in a Mason jar style, which was previously sterilized in boiling water with all necessary accessories (sealing ring and disc). Once the container tightly closed, he must make a last dip in boiling water, to be sealed properly.

This approach also involves the addition of water (or oil) and preservatives (sugar, salt and / or vinegar), followed by the recipe. This implies a modification of the taste of the food, if the desired flavor is natural (as is the case for a smoothie for example). However, this can be an interesting option for the conservation of prepared recipes such as apple sauce, butter and apple jelly. Since caned jars can be stored at room temperature, the own storage facility for this process is an advantage that compensates for the many stages of preparation. It is good to know that preserves also take a long time before being outdated. Even after a year, they are still consumable, although their taste and nutritional value slightly altered.

The dehydration

A final way a bit unknown to preserve the apple of dehydrated. But to do what? Delicious potato chips! potato chips compared with potato chips have the advantage of being more nutritious and require less seasoning for a punch. Their sweetness will undoubtedly impress your guests at the cocktail!

To make potato chips:

  • First remove the heart apples, then slice thinly as washers (use a mandolin is very easy for this step);
  • Then place the slices on a baking sheet, ideally covered with parchment paper (it is an ally when it comes time to wash!);
  • Sprinkle a little brown sugar, cinnamon and / or ground nutmeg (to taste) on the chips;
  • Bake at a temperature of 200 ° F for about two hours.

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