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Published on saturday, july 02, 2022

The blueberry season is on our doorstep!

The blueberry season is on our doorstep!

Several varieties to taste

Did you know that the blueberry plantations of Le Domaine du Flanc sud, contain a wide variety of blueberries? The Duke is the first variety to open the blueberry harvest. This firm, dark blue fruit is characterized by its sweet taste. Other varieties, like the Duke, are exclusively available during the month of July. This is the case of the Blueray (with a particularly exquisite flavor), Bluecrop (small to medium-sized crisp fruit), Northland (medium-sized fruit with a tasty flavor) and Patriot (the favorite of blueberries lovers !).

The Orchards also grow varieties with a later harvest, beginning in July and ending in August. Spartan variety (Yes, like the apple ...) is a large fruit. The Chandler (the size of a cherry) and the Draper (known for its ease of preservation) are also among the varieties of blueberries that can be eaten later in the season.

From July 14th you can harvest the blueberries of Domaine du Flanc-Sud! Whether you are looking for a pick-your-own or buying a basket, come and see for yourself the exceptional blueberry season in 2016! The site is open daily from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Benefit from the harvest

Why take advantage of the summer berries harvest in Quebec is so interesting? First, to encourage the local economy and local producers. Then, to enjoy the incomparable taste of fresh fruit from our home, and this, year round! To do this, the whole fruit can be frozen in a bag for freezing. This makes it possible to use it later (to make a smoothie, for example). It is also possible to preserve the fruits by cooking in advance traditional recipes: think jams, pies and muffins ...

Finally, it's a great way to save money! In summer, fresh fruits and vegetables sold in local markets are up to 50% cheaper compared to imported products found in grocery stores and supermarkets during the winter. The economy is even greater if we buy in bulk. Another good reason to make reservations during the summer!

Pick-your-own is THE way to further reduce the cost of food to purchase. Pick-your-own is also a great way to carry out a family activity, especially since the presence of doggy (on a leash) is accepted. Go hop! Everyone in the field! To find out more about the activities offered at Domaine du Flanc-Sud, visit the website: Domaine du Flanc Sud.

The virtues of the blueberry

In addition to its tasty taste, blueberry has several good reasons to consume it. This small fruit, particularly rich in vitamin C, has several health benefits. First, the blueberry is the fruit that offers the highest antioxidant content. Antioxidants help fight the disease and play a role in preventing cancer. It is also one of the composite elements of the blueberry, the pterostilbene, which would have the capacity to stop the development of cancerous tumors present in the colon. Recall that colon cancer is the second leading cause of mortality in humans, after lung cancer.

Aside from the blueberry being the champion of antioxidants, it is also an ally for our hearts! The phenolic compound of the blueberry would favor the slowing down of the appearance of cardiovascular diseases. All this thanks to its properties of reduction of lipids in the blood! Indeed, blueberries would prevent bad blood cholesterol, in addition to reducing abdominal fat. In addition, the purplish pigment of the fruit plays a protective role against hypertension. A weekly consumption of blueberries would reduce the risk of suffering from this disease by 10%.

Just like cranberry, eating blueberries would help curb the development of a urinary tract infection. It should also be noted that fermented blueberry, on the other hand, has antidiabetic properties. It would prevent the development of diabetes, glucose intolerance and insulin resistance. This is a good reason to add blueberry alcohol to the menu!

Finally, the consumption of blueberries would play a beneficial role in cerebral acuity. An improvement in memory has been observed in people with Alzheimer's, who regularly ingest products derived from blueberry. This fruit would thus have the property of reducing the progression of neurodegenerative diseases. Blueberry could also affect the balance and coordination disorders, often associated with Parkinson's disease. Eat blueberries, it's good for your brain!

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