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Salmon tartare and shrimp input Citrus with light cider


300 gr. fresh salmon.

100 gr. Matane shrimp ( Nordics )

(1) medium orange

(1) Lemon

(1 ) lime

1 c . Tea pickled ginger , chopped

(6) drops Tabasco

1 c . Tea olive oil 150 ml Light Cider

(10) stems chives , minced salt and pepper to taste . preparation:

With the chef knife, chop the salmon, shrimp and reserve . Cut the citrus into quarters. Put in a saucepan citrus, chopped ginger and the light Cider. Cook over high heat until syrupy. Strain the juice and cool (refrigerator ) . Mix the syrup cools with tartar , salt + pepper, Tabasco and chives. Serve on endive leaves , on crackers or toast.

Enjoy with a nice cold glass of ice cider.

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