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Baluchon brie with raspberry ice cider caramel


4 puff pastry Filo

120g brie cheese

¼ cup sugar

2 c . tablespoons butter

4 c . raspberry jam tea

250 ml cream 35% ( preferably from cooking)

50 ml Ice

Cider preparation: Defrost the Filo dough. Use ½ Filo pastry sheet and coat with butter , fold to form a square . Smear butter and top with pieces of cheese and a raspberry jam portion , close and bake and brown at 200 ° C In a pot , mix , cook sugar and ice cider by monitoring the color well . You want a color near the caramel ? At this point, add the cream and stir until desired consistency. Book.

On a plate , serve the cheese pastry with caramel ice cider , decorate as desired. This delight is well decorated with a glass of chilled Light cider .

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Light Cider SAQ # : 734335

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