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Cidre détails
Still Rosé

Still Rosé


Gold medal, Finger Lakes International Wine en 2010.

Suggested pairings

Fish, seafood, gratin dishes


sweet apple , slightly acid

9% alc./vol.
4 °C
2 ans

SAQ Code: 11745876

Tasting Note

The apples are selected, freshly picked and pressed just after the Fall harvest.  This cider is the product of a simple fermentation and an aging process in which the cider develops more aroma.  His level of alcohol is 9%.  This level of alcohol is reached by a short process of cryoconcentration in order to concentrate more the sugar from the apples must.  This traditional method still respects the old fashion ways and is passed down in the Petit's family for more than a century.

These are the apples that we use to make this unique Rosé Cider: Lobo, McIntosh, Cortland, Empire, Spartan.

The aging period confers a perfume revealing crispy and fresh apples. The Geneva is a sweet apple that gives our Cider less acidity.

This cider is a perfect harmony for seafoods and fish. Also a good partner for cheeses.




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