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Cidre détails
Sparkling Rosé 355ml

Sparkling Rosé 355ml

Gold medal, à la Sélection Mondial Canada 2015.

Suggested pairings

Fish, tapas, cheeses


Fresh appels

Tasting Note

His rich colour comes from the type of apple with which it is made.  The flesh of Geneva apples contributes to the distinct personality of our Sparkling Rosé Cider because is flesh is pink. There are no addictive colors in our cider, only Geneva apple. We use the carbonation method to make the finest bubbles  

Our Sparkling Rosé Cider is 6.5% of alcohol.

At first sight you can see a beautiful Peach-pink colour with some orange reflection. The nose recognizes the spiced apple.  The mouth notices the frank taste of the Geneva apple without its known bitter aftertaste.  Its effervescence is defined with fine and abundant bubbles.

Sparkling Rosé Cider is served as an aperitif.  Fresh and cool, with a surprising and daring personality.

6.5% alc./vol.
4 °C
2 ans

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