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Cidre détails
Sparkling Ice Cider 375ml

Sparkling Ice Cider 375ml


Gold medal, Sélection Mondial Canada 2015.

Suggested pairings

Canapés, desserts


Apricot, pineaple, pear, caramel

11% alc./vol.
4 °C
4 ans

SAQ Code: 1175892

Tasting Note

The apples we use to get the ice cider are from a late harvest for maximum fruit maturity . The sparkling ice cider is produced by two methods. By freeze concentration , the juice is frozen and then fermented to obtain a sweet nectar. And cryo- extraction, press apple jelly that cold literally confit and we picked in late December or early January, the result is a highly concentrated liquid that is also fermented for many months. For this method, the sugar concentration is within the fruit . The assembly of the two methods is done before bottling.


This cider is a blend of 6 varieties of apples, particularly McIntosh, Cortland, Empire, Melrose, Russet and Spartan. To the eye, a beautiful caramel-colored dress. The nose denotes fruity, woody, pure and deep. In the leaving age for a few months in bottle, flavor a little more complex pineapple, apricot and vanilla develop. Very fine bubbles

Ideal for use at 4 degrees Celsius. The leaders of the region have ice cider with seared foie gras, strong cheeses and desserts. It is also present in the tasting with dark chocolates to search acidity sugar balance. It can also be used alone as an aperitif or digestif. Its festive side with its fine bubbles, makes this cider perfect harmony for your events! It is 11% alcohol.

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