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Cidre détails
Sparkling Cider 355ml

Sparkling Cider 355ml


Médaillé or à la Coupe des nations, en 2013.

Suggested pairings

Patés, pancakes, Kirs



9% alc./vol.
4 °C
2 ans

SAQ Code: 12030101

Tasting Note

This Sparkling cider is made from mature apples, picked at their best flavor. We use the carbonation method to make the finest bubbles for this distinguished product. Very festive, this Sparkling Cider is the perfect harmony with your appetizer!

The apples that we use to product this Sparkling Cider are: Lobo, McIntosh, Cortland, Empire, Spartan.

This Sparkling Cider is 9% of alcohol

A noticeable effervescence presenting a clear golden yellow for your eyes

Subtile apple aroma with fine and abundant bubbles

Sparkling Cider is served at many happening as brunches or anniversary, because of his festive appearance!  It is used to make Kirs or simply served as an aperitif with frozen fruits used as ice cubes.

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