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Cidre détails
Light Still Cider

Light Still Cider

Finger Lakes International Wine 2011

Suggested pairings

Salads, cheeses, pancakes


Young apples

Tasting Note

Selected apples are picked fresh and pressed after the Fall harvest. This cider is produced from a single fermentation and aged to develop more aroma. It is called "Light" because it has an alcohol level of 6.5%

The apple that are used to product this cider is: Lobo, McIntosh, Cortland, Empire and Spartan

This Cider has a beautiful hay-yellow with discreet golden rays.

The aging period confers a light nose revealing fresh apples and a touch of wild berries.  For the taste, a frank and delicate apple taste.

In the most pure tradition, this flat cider goes perfectly with crepes or white meats like pork, poultry or sausages.  Those meats are served with apples braised or chutney which will help to remind the harmony of the cider on the table.


6.5% alc./vol.
4 °C
2 ans

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