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Cidre détails
Blueberries flavored apple mistelle

Blueberries flavored apple mistelle


Suggested pairings

Cocktails, on Ice


Apples and blueberries

16% alc./vol.
4 °C
5 ans

Tasting Note

The apples we use to get mistelle are from a late harvest for maximum fruit maturity. This fortified cider is flavored with blueberries. We even pluck the berries out of our orchard Domaine Flank and south and the urge to incorporate the fortified cider.

This mistelle is a blend of 6 varieties of apples, particularly McIntosh, Cortland, Empire, Melrose, Russet and Spartan. To the eye, it sports a beautiful purplish hue, from blueberries. The nose denotes fruity, woody, pure and deep. In the leaving age for a few months in the bottle, a little more complex aromas of blueberries develop. On the palate, our mistelle more like a digestive. Being stronger in alcohol, it is about good cocktails or ice simply. It contains 16% alcohol and it is best to serve it at 4 degrees Celsius.

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